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Subject:     Testimonial
Date:     Mon, 28 Jul 2014 02:21:00 +0000
From:     Wanda Vassallo
I am a primary school teacher who is passionate about drama and dance. Every year my class performs a play for the whole school community.
My students really enjoy putting on these plays and  put a great deal of effort into writing a script, auditioning, choreographing the dances, making props etc.
Three years ago I decided that these plays needed to recorded by a professional so a DVD of the play could taken home by each student so they could keep this special memory forever.
I contacted John Haly from Halyucinations Studios and asked him to do this and each year we have been delighted in the end result.
For each play he has created an entertaining DVD using carefully selected music, special effects, a fun introduction and always concluding with each student’s name in the final credits.
I asked each of my students this year to write one thing about their DVD that they proudly took home. Here is what they wrote.
  • “One thing I liked about the play was the DVD. It was hilarious.”
  • “Such good graphics of the camera. I also liked seeing what I looked like.”
  • “What I liked about the play was the credits and how they cut parts like when something not important was coming on.”
  • “In the DVD I liked it when the camera zoomed in every time someone spoke.”
  • “I liked how the shoe dangling on the C for Cinderella is what you have to click to start the movie. I also like how there were all our names in the credits.
  • “I liked seeing myself on the DVD. I also liked the credits.”
  • My favourite part of the play was when you start the DVD you had to click on the shoe and when you click on it, it would turn blue. My second favourite part was when we did the dance because it was loud and you can listen from the back of the hall.”
  • “I think in the DVD when I’m on because people say I was really good and I see how good I was. I also like the effects.”
  • “My favourite thing is the cover on the CD.”
  • The DVD was good in the start when we had to click the shoe to begin.”
  • My favourite part was when the video man made the DVD for us.”
  • I really loved how you edited the play. I’m sure one day it will bring back wonderful memories.”
  • “I liked how you have to click the shoe to start it. I liked how you can see yourself by other sides.”
Wanda Vassallo ( Classroom teacher )
St Francis Xavier Primary School
Croydon Park.