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Sub­ject:     Testimonial
Date:     Mon, 28 Jul 2014 02:21:00 +0000
From:     Wan­da Vassallo
I am a pri­ma­ry school teacher who is pas­sion­ate about dra­ma and dance. Every year my class per­forms a play for the whole school community.
My stu­dents real­ly enjoy putting on these plays and  put a great deal of effort into writ­ing a script, audi­tion­ing, chore­o­graph­ing the dances, mak­ing props etc.
Three years ago I decid­ed that these plays need­ed to record­ed by a pro­fes­sion­al so a DVD of the play could tak­en home by each stu­dent so they could keep this spe­cial mem­o­ry forever.
I con­tact­ed John Haly from Halyu­ci­na­tions Stu­dios and asked him to do this and each year we have been delight­ed in the end result.
For each play he has cre­at­ed an enter­tain­ing DVD using care­ful­ly select­ed music, spe­cial effects, a fun intro­duc­tion and always con­clud­ing with each stu­den­t’s name in the final credits.
I asked each of my stu­dents this year to write one thing about their DVD that they proud­ly took home. Here is what they wrote.
  • One thing I liked about the play was the DVD. It was hilarious.”
  • Such good graph­ics of the cam­era. I also liked see­ing what I looked like.”
  • What I liked about the play was the cred­its and how they cut parts like when some­thing not impor­tant was com­ing on.”
  • In the DVD I liked it when the cam­era zoomed in every time some­one spoke.”
  • I liked how the shoe dan­gling on the C for Cin­derel­la is what you have to click to start the movie. I also like how there were all our names in the credits.
  • I liked see­ing myself on the DVD. I also liked the credits.”
  • My favourite part of the play was when you start the DVD you had to click on the shoe and when you click on it, it would turn blue. My sec­ond favourite part was when we did the dance because it was loud and you can lis­ten from the back of the hall.”
  • I think in the DVD when I’m on because peo­ple say I was real­ly good and I see how good I was. I also like the effects.”
  • My favourite thing is the cov­er on the CD.”
  • The DVD was good in the start when we had to click the shoe to begin.”
  • My favourite part was when the video man made the DVD for us.”
  • I real­ly loved how you edit­ed the play. I’m sure one day it will bring back won­der­ful memories.”
  • I liked how you have to click the shoe to start it. I liked how you can see your­self by oth­er sides.”
Wan­da Vas­sal­lo ( Class­room teacher )
St Fran­cis Xavier Pri­ma­ry School
Croy­don Park.

Wan­da Vas­sal­lo
Class­room teach­erSt Fran­cis Xavier Pri­ma­ry School