Having started as a freelancer and been doing so for  a couple of decades now.  She runs multiple businesses and is a filmmaker that “makes Money!” . In the last couple of decades she has never been an employee and has been, in her own words, been a “Slashy” all her life.  By that we mean an Writer “slash” camera-person “slash”  filmmaker “slash” producer “slash” director. I think you get the gist.

Humble beginnings

As a teenager she started as a Camera assistant despite being a female but advantaged by the fact that she was the only person who turned up for the role.  So the producer somewhat reluctantly took her on and her memory of it was that she learnt to stick up for herself and has done so ever since.  She found herself attracted to the apparent glamour of Directing until she did a Tele-movie.  An aggressively unpleasant Producer taught her that the Director has no real power.  So she swapped straight away to Producing.

Two Shot

Nowadays she runs a few production companies one of which, is “Two shot media” which she has had since 1994.  She also started another company called “Freelance success” which is dedicated to making a lead in the Arts.   Her third company which she described as the one that feeds her soul – (As opposed to the more financial lucrative ones that feed her body) is the production house – “Girlhouse Films”.  This company has recently released a short film called “Lesbians on the Loose” and has a feature film titled “Handbag” in Production. Monica has been making a living as a filmmaker since 1993 and nowadays her reputation has kept the business flowing.  In her own words “money tends to find her.”.  Her bread and butter although is documentaries and these support her non-profit film making as well as the 60 freelancers she uses to produce her films and do work for her.

Freelance success

“Freelance success” was created to aid people in the Arts to make a living especially as she found that traditional Business models didn’t really work for Creative personalities. Traditional Business models, she said, were goods or service based and the service element presents as a very objective idea of a Service.  Your personality and creativity which is the heart and soul of the Artist are usually not acknowledged in traditional Business models. Traditional Business models are not personality directed.   While she acknowledges that being “business like” in how we run ourselves is essential,  traditional models don’t really work for non-conformist creative  types. “Freelance success” is designed to develop business models that do support Creative persons who wish to be financially successful.  “Freelance success” went global in 2006 with a five book deal and speaking engagements throughout Australia, the UK, Canada and the US.

Go Global

In regards to going Global, Monica suggested, you can’t get rich here – you have to go Global – even if it is from the comfort of your own web page.  The internet provides you with global income possibility. Remember that YOU are the answer to someone else’s problem. Making loads of movies is easier now then it used to be as technology has, for example, made film production more accessible Film is a Global medium and can be widely distributed.  Selling your film or script doesn’t require prolonged pitches or descriptions.  In fact sometimes short and powerful can give you a wider audience then you might expect.  Writers can make a fortune overseas because Production companies are keen to get scripts.  But don’t send unsolicited scripts.  Get their interest first.  A phone can reach across the planet.  Use one.